We have chosen VMware because it's the only product at the moment that can offer guaranties and certainties. VMware is a commercial product, so includes constant security patches, new features and improvements, in addition to a technical support. OpenStack is a great platform but it can't guarantee the same features because it's an Open Source project.
VMware is a point of reference, a worldwide leader in virtualization. The advantages are several, by using VMware for Stellar servers out clients have the guarantee of migrating towards Stellar without problems, both from private clouds inside the walls of the clients' companies, and from other public clouds. Migration towards and from VMware is a guarantee.
Yes. We have chosen HP because it's the worldwide number 1 in the server field and we've got 10+ years of experience with HP machines.

Stellar servers can be compared to the "Optimized Computing" c4 tier as far as CPU performances are concerned and to the "Optimized Storage" i2 series when it comes down to I/O disk performances.
Stellar servers can be compared to the D and G series (Optimized Computing).
When comparing the prices of the Stellar servers to the main cloud providers that describe well the kind of product they offer (Microsoft Azure and Amazon), Stellar server are almost 20% less expensive. If the comparison is made with the sales of server with 10 vCore for a few tens of Euros...then the comparison is completely deceptive and you're victim of a scam.

It's technically possible, but Stellar servers are thought as production servers with guaranteed performances, so they don't have the price of the ones offered by cheap providers.
Sure! It's possible to ask to test Stellar servers.
There's a dedicated program for developers with which you can have a Stellar server at a very competitive price, get in touch with us soon.
There's a dedicated program for developers with which you can have a Stellar server at a very competitive price, get in touch with us soon. Stellar servers are the best choice in the cloud provider field, both under a technical aspect, the guarantees being offered, and under an economical aspect.
Stellar is the most appropriate choice for those who want to migrate into the cloud the physical servers of their clients. The performances of Stellar Cloud Servers are equal to the ones of highly efficient physical servers, the configuration options cover all the needs, the virtualization technology used (VMware) is capable of easily managing the migration and the technical support of our technicians will guide you with the job.
When you will decide to buy a Stellar server you can decide to pay with a bank transfer if you will.
Invoicing is every three months, six months or annually according to your preferences.
We have chosen not to charge for hourly usage because Stellar clients need 24/7 operative servers, 365 days a year
If you are a Developer, a Web Agency, a System Integrator/MSP or a consultant, ask for information, you will be contacted by our staff that will illustrate you the various options.
Stellar is 100% Channel Oriented. It's necessary to be a Parnter in order to buy Stellar servers. The only requirement for being a partner is to be an operator in the IT field: Developers, IT Consultant, System Integrators/MSPs, Web Agency.
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