Standard and Premium Suppport

Stellar offers Standard and Premium support options to satisfy the needs of any dimension and competence of the clients, from cloud beginner developers to those companies that develops critical solutions.

Stellar sets in a transparent and clear way the levels of support, defining a standard for IaaS Cloud Computing clients.


As a Stellar Cloud Server Stellar client, talk with sysadmins that understand the technical language and can offer quick and direct solutions.


With the aim of achieving the maximum efficiency, Stellar asks the client to be clear when identifying the problem so that the request of support can be forwarded to the sysadmin better suited to resolve it: VMware, Networking & Firewall, Operative System, Application.


Requests of support must be first inserted in the management panel thus making possible to identify the client, the server to intervene on and the kind of problem. Then a telephonic contact with the technician can be made.




Included Optional
Migration services
Support for the migration towards Stellar servers yes yes
Support for the migration towards other cloud or private cloud no yes
Technical Services
Server starting setup yes yes
Upgrading support (Operative System upgrade) yes yes
Performances analysis yes yes
Patch management no yes
Antivirus management no yes
IP, VLAN, vSwitch modifications yes yes
Firewall & Security
Shared Firewall Rules modification yes yes
Data Center side Debug yes yes
Dedicated Firewall Management no yes
End to End Debug no yes
Alert configuration support yes yes
Backup & Snapshot
Additional backups launch (in addition to the automatic ones) yes yes
Restore from Backup or Snapshot support yes yes
Technical and application support
(Windows or Linux Operative Systems, IIS o Apache, MS SQL, MySQL, Wordpress, Joomla and more)
no yes
Contractual support and invoicing yes yes
Documentation, White Papers and Guides yes yes
Technical support via telephone (recalling function) yes yes
Sygma Access yes yes
Requests sent through the Web yes yes
Support coverage Working Hours 24/7
Reply time <4 hours <1 hours

PLUS Support

PLUS Support allows to ask for extra support for consultancies and activities not included in the Standard or Premium programs, therefore it's an additional on-demand option.

Stellar support has the goal of helping the client with the resolution of the problems in their entirety. We are at your disposal even to help you to solve application problems not related to the Stellar infrastructure. As a consequence, we have created a support service called PLUS, a available upon the client's request to solve specific situations. PLUS Support is an added optionally in a on-demand (upon request) modality, unlike the Premium Support which is persistent with a monthly fee.

When the client is in troubles with the configuration of an application component (Apache, IIS, MySQL, MS SQL, Wordpress, Joomla, ...) or need a consultancy on technical topics and for the implementation of environments or projects, he/she can ask for the PLUS Support by buying one or more hours of assistance.

PLUS Support is available Mon-Wed from 9:00 am. to 6:00 pm.. The cost of PLUS Support is 60€/hour. An estimate of how many hours to buy for the correct execution of the process is given for every request of consultancy or activity.

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