Cloud Server

Support and Configuration

The initial setup of the server is completely free and the pre and after sell technical support are included in the details of the contract. Servers can be tried before concluding the deal. There are no limitation on the availability of the server Operative Systems and it’s possible to ask for the less common OSes.


A management console is available, from which operations like Start , Stop , Reboot , Reset can be performed as well as checking the CPU , RAM and Disks resources used by the Stellar server, monitoring the output from the server’s console , perform Snapshots and restore the existing snapshots .

The parameters of the Stellar server, always updated within a second, can be monitored with the console.


In addition to performances and a dedicated technical support staff, the Stellar offer includes an extraordinary flexibility and linear scalability also on storage .

Your business can grow effortlessly without any limiting factor and without obliging you to make important investments. Cores, RAM and storage configurations of the Virtual Machines can be modified in any moment.


Stellar Cloud Services have a dedicated public IP (IPv4), and others can be assigned according to the requests of the client. Every server has a 100Mbps bandwidth at disposal .

Included Firewall

  • Two traffic rules are included in a shared firewall, one incoming (IN) and the other outgoing (OUT).
  • The client can define which services are enabled IN and OUT.

For instance, enabling only the incoming HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP traffic and the opening every ports for outgoing connections to the Internet. With this configuration, the server is assigned a private IP address and then goes past a NAT device with public IP (on a firewall level).
A customized rules upgrade on the shared firewall can be requested.

Dedicated Firewall (Optional)

You can also choose to have a customized virtual firewall based on Kerio Control technology.

Public IP directly assigned

Alternatively, the server can be assigned with a public IP address . In this case it’s the client’s duty to implement all the security preventative measures by means of firewall integrated in the Operative Systems or other software.


Servers are supplied with a default storage according to the different offers. The OS disk (default storage) can be incremented, and a supplementary disk can be added if is required to save data on a different disk (ie. Web Server, Mail Server, File Server and so forth).

Data Backup

Every server is provided with the 1Backup service that allows to perform backups and restores with full autonomy, compressing and –if needed- encrypting data. Every 1Backup Agent can save Open Files, VSS, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases.

The space assigned to the 1Backup Agent can be increased according to your needs.

Cloud Server Backup

By default, the automatic backup of the Stellar server is set to be 1 time each month. The number of monthly backups can be incremented according to your needs (optional).

Snapshots with console

Snapshots can be managed form your very Stellar server by means of the console. Up to 3 snapshots can be managed.


Stellar servers include Microsoft licenses.
Terminal Services and Remote Desktop licenses for multiple users can be activated upon request.

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