Why Stellar?

Stellar was born to answer to the request of the clients that need a Cloud Server service that gives Certainties. The market is saturated by cheap offers of cloud servers with uncertain performances, almost never stable and bearer of problems, and those who turn to Stellar want to be assured of having done the correct investment.

With a Stellar server you’ll have at your disposal machines with Guaranteed Performances stable through time, Tranquillity and Security all the time at an honest and accessible cost.
Finally an Enterprise-Class server with concrete and clear values is available.
Stellar Server are a certainty today as tomorrow will be. Apparently the cost might seem higher than other service providers’, but actually we are way cheaper! and we invite you to read carefully the characteristics of the servers and the completeness of the offering.
With Stellar server, Developers and Sysadmins can now manage their projects with tranquillity.


Linear scalability according to your needs


Performances with no surprises, guaranteed and reliable


Lots of configuration options for every environment.


Greater security with firewall, backup, snapshot and Monitoring


Expert, available and guaranteed support


Tranquillity and certainty of the value in the long run


You can import VMs from your VMware environment and migrate them from Stellar to your vCenter


Data Backup with Agent, with Geographically Replicated space

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